Race League 2019

Welcome to the Race League 2019!

PPP Race League 2019 after cricklade

The next league race is….  Evesham Festive 10k,  15th December 2019    link to event website

The race league for 2019 has been re-vamped from previous years.  Results will no longer be based on age-grading.  Instead, there will be a first-past the post system, with overall Female and Male leagues, and also female and male age-category leagues as follows:

Senior (up to 34), 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65+

To avoid people changing age categories mid-year, Age Categories are based on age as at 1st January 2019.

You may run as many events as you want, and your highest scoring 6 races will count towards the race league.  Bonus points are also awarded, (see Race League Rules below).

A trophy will be awarded for the male and female with the most overall points at the end of the year, and also trophies for Age Category Winners (although overall winners cannot also win an age category prize).

Please note the Race League rules set out below.


The league races for 2019 are as follows:

Many of these races are getting increasingly popular, so we do strongly recommend you book up as soon as you can to avoid disappointment. Some of the races are taking entries already and where available, links to event websites are provided below.


Links to previous years’ final league tables can be found here:

2015 final league tables

2016 final league tables

2016 Race League Winners

2017 final league tables

2018 final league tables


Race League Rules:

1. Points are allocated to each club member who completes a race league event.  For your result to count towards the league, you must be a club member on the date of the event, and preferably enter for the event as representing the Pershore Plum Plodders.

Please note:

  • if you are a PPP 2nd claim member and enter a race league event in the name of another club or no club, you must facebook message Mike Wilson anytime before the start of the race concerned in order for your result to be counted towards the race league;
  • to register for any official race – not just race league events – as a Pershore Plum Plodder you must be a bona fide member of the club.

2. There will be male and female overall leagues and a maximum of 30 points will be awarded to both males and females. Points are awarded based on finishing position with the first runner home earning 30 points, second earning 29 points etc.

3. Your points from up to 6 of the races will count – you could choose the races in advance and only do those, or you could do all 12 in which case your best 6 results will be counted.

4. At the end of the year, the points will be added up and a trophy will be awarded to the male and female with the most points.  Trophies will also be awarded to age category winners.

5. Bonus points will be awarded as follows:

  • Marshalling or helping at a PPP league race (to be notified by facebook messaging to Mike Wilson within 2 hours of race finish time):  5 bonus points
  • Marshalling or helping at the Plum 10k Race in August:  20 bonus points
  • Playing a joker (to be notified by facebook messaging to Mike Wilson anytime before the start of the race concerned):  double points for that race

We hope you like the selection of races for 2019.  Let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for future years.

The Committee hope that this will encourage everyone, from new runners to experienced marathoners to have a go, enjoy the sport and keep up the fantastic Plum spirit we have in the club.

We look forward to a sea of purple at all the races!

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