10, 50, 100 and 250 club

Every parkrun is an achievement in itself and it’s great to have a shirt to run around in to show off your efforts. Below is a list of all Plums that have reached these milestones!

50 club runners;


Dan Barker
Cathy Dickson
Nick Herbert
Kaye Bottomley
Suzanne Price
Robin Mace
Anny James
Louise Bickley
Phil Deeley
Andy Coward
Justin Rowling
Ian Hannis
Sally Nash
Lynda Girvan
Seb Clarke
Rachel Dudman
David James
Tom Carr
David Pearce
Nick Griffiths
Steve Morris
Debbie Morris
Neil Thwaites

Steve Molland

100 club runners;


Richard Beetlestone

Alison Carr

Darren Fulcher

Steve Potter

Denise Morrison

Karen Cooper

David Pound

John Powell

Karen Hinks

Fiona Wall

Caz Kibble

Colin Stanford

Mike Wilson

Suzanne Price

Joy Salt

Ann Hewlett

Julie Herbert

250 club runners;

Trevor Clark
Joyce Morrison


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