About the club

PPP New and renewing members

Once you have had a few trial runs with us and would like to join, please complete the attached membership form and then pay using your own online banking, cheque or cash.

Membership for new members and renewing members runs from 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018 costs and costs £5 for PPP membership and £14 English Athletic membership, a combined PPP and EA membership of £19.

Membership to the PPP club is £5 irrespective of the joining date.

2nd claim membership costs £5. (This only applies if you are a full member of another club affiliated to England Athletics and you are registered with EA.)

Ways to pay:

  • complete the attached membership form (above) and pay online via your own online banking facility using your surname as a reference (Account Number: 00988936 – Sort Code: 20 – 98 – 61).
  • download and hand in a paper form to any committee member on a Monday or Wednesday night or Saturday Worcester parkrun and either pay online or by cheque/cash.

Fill in the membership form and hand to Suzanne Price (Membership Secretary)

Membership form 2017 / 18

English Athletics Guidance for athletes

It is important that athletes take responsibility for their role in ensuring their club registration is up to date. Be aware the volunteers at your club are involved in carrying out a wider range of activities to support athletes so playing your part is important.
Here is what you should do:

  • Ensure you know your URN/ licence number (also sometimes referred to as England Athletics number) – more below
  • Ensure you pay your club membership fee, including England Athletics’ registration fee, promptly
    • Make clear to your club that you are a competing athlete if your club also has non-competing athletes
    • Be aware of your club’s membership renewal process – when do you need to pay and how?
  • Log in at www.englandathletics.org/myprofile to check your details are correct and your registration status. If necessary us the forgotten username and/ or forgotten password functionality. Remember:
    • The new affiliation year begins on 1 April. 
    • Athletes registered in the previous affiliation year have until 30 June to renew their registration
    • Previously registered athletes who have not renewed their registration by 30 June will become ‘unregistered’ at that point
  • Make a note of your URN/ Licence number (also sometimes referred to as England Athletics number)– this is given at the top of your Summary/ Personal Details
  • Ensure your details are correct on your profile:
    • First name – especially if your name can be abbreviated
    • Surname
    • Date of Birth
    • Email address
  • When you are sent your athlete pack keep hold of your registration card
  •  If your name and date of birth are correct on the portal (Trinity) you can also use www.englandathletics.org/licencechecks to find your URN/ licence number (also sometimes referred to as England Athletics number)

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