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Worcester Woods Parkrun Takeover

14th September 2019

Well what a morning that was !
Glorious sunshine was overhead as some of us arrived early to set up the Plum gazebo, a few flags and give final instructions to Marshals.
We had over 80 Plum volunteers (some missed the picture)! who covered nearly all Parkrun roles including a great number of cheering marshals around the course which i later found had contributed to a new Worcester Woods volunteering record with a total of 110 people doing their bit to make the morning one to remember.
Bells, rattles and clapping could be heard from miles away thanks to the great support on course where some runners later describing it as a “race atmosphere”
Pacers were available every minute from 21 – 36 minutes which people took advantage of and bagged PB’s.
I have made a little video of the morning so please click HERE and take a look, you may even spot yourself !

Parkrun is a volunteered ran event and only made possible by those who put themselves out and make it happen for the rest of us week in week out.
If you haven’t done so already, please please put yourself down to volunteer at you local Parkrun and give something back, so many people just turn up each week to run/jog/walk and don’t think about others giving up their time so you are able to enjoy it. It really is lovely being on the other side of the fence so to speak and it helps the event runs smoothly. There is a variety of roles to be filled so contact your local Parkrun and get involved.

Worcester Woods Parkrun Takeover

This Saturday 14th September @ Worcester Woods Parkrun, the Pershore Plum Plodders will be hosting a takeover. Filling all volunteer roles and pacers from 21 – 36 mins for you to chase. 
There will also be a big number of cheering Plum Marshals around the course to help support and encourage you along the way so please come along and join in what is always a lovely morning. 
We will have our gazebo up so after, please pop along and see us if your looking for any info on joining our super friendly and supportive club.

New Male 5K Plum record – 17.43

Above: Phil Deeley coming into the finish at this years Asics Manchester Marathon.

Compared to lot of runners, Phil hasn’t been running that long but how far he has come in such a short amount of time really deserves some respect.
Phil completed first Parkrun at Worcester Woods on 20th September 2014 in a time of 32.25.
He went on to say “The first thing i did when i finished was to roll a fag” ! – Little did he know it but this was to be the start of a total lifestyle change for the better. 

Seeing his time dropping as the weeks went by he kicked the smoking habit and really concentrated on his running and is one of the most disciplined runners i know of. 

Phil, along with a big group of us Plums use Worcester Woods as our chosen “home” Parkrun venue where each week he completes the course between low 18-19 mins, depending on his training schedule. 

On the 1st June while visiting in Fulham he took part in the local Parkrun there which he describes as a flat and fast tarmac course. That morning he certainly took advantage of this and gave it a cracking effort to complete it in a new Plum male 5k record time of 17.43 !
That is an awesome time and we hugely congratulate him – thoroughly deserved by such a modest bloke who never shouts about his achievements. 
Seeing him go from strength to strength with the runs that he does is great to see and inspirational for others to watch so keep it up Phil.

Phil isn’t just a short distance runner though, he is an experienced 10k, half and full marathon runner and this year (along with other runs) he took part in the Asics Manchester Marathon on 4th April where he crossed the line in 2:56:35 which now enables him to apply for “good for age” position at London Marathon 2020 – Incredible achievement once again and good luck for you entry ! 


Pershore Plum Plodders proud to donate to Parkrun

Saturday 20th April 2019

This Saturday at Worcester Woods Parkrun, the Pershore Plum Plodders were very happy and proud to sponsor £100 towards the £800 target for the “Scrubber appeal” including parts/service for the defibrillator machine. With a lot of our members using the woods each week, we felt that it was only right to offer them a donation and additionally, a lot of our members individually donated to help raise this much needed amount.

As of yesterday, £468 in sponsorship has been received but donations are still needed so if you use the park, and especially if you are a Parkrunner,  then please donate by using the following link and help by doing your bit.

 Link to Worcester Woods Parkrun Facebook page:

Link to donate:

Plums Parkrun Pilgrimage to Bushy Park – June 2018

On the 16th June 2018 i arranged for a coach to take 51 Plum members on a Parkrun pilgrimage to where Parkrun started way back in 2nd Oct 2004.
Arriving in good time gave us all chance to have some time before we ran to have a look around and enjoy not only the park but some of its resident deer !
We could not of asked for better weather as the sun beamed down on us all morning and lining up at the start along with 1200 other runners was a bit different compared to the usual 500 we are used to. Some were out to chase a time, others were just happy to be a part of it and had a more relaxing run soaking up the whole atmosphere. That day for me was one of my highlights as a Plum so far and to share it with such a big number of lovely people from our club made it a day to remember !
By Tom Marshall.