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Plum 10K 2019 Sponsors

This year we have grown our sponsorship programme even more. Without the kindness of these companies either as a direct sponsor or a donation we wouldn’t be able to keep developing the event and ensure we donate to the local charities as much as we do. 
Massive thank you to them all for their kindness and support.

NEW FOR 2019 –

This year we have changed our 10K water station cups to “OXO Biodegradable” plastic meeting BS 8472:2011 standards. These cups are sourced within the EU with a low carbon footprint and if for any reason they are not recycled correctly, they will degrade 100% organically without any plastic residue on landfill or water within 2 years or can be safely incinerated.

Pershore Plum Plodders C25K Graduation

From left: Elinor Cordinor, Sandra Nicklin, Sally Nash (behind), Suzanne Price, Gail Crossley, Steve Molland.

Saturday 13th June saw 2 of the Pershore Plum Plodders newest members, Sandra and Gail, come and join us at Worcester Woods Parkrun to complete our 9 week C25K course.
Suzanne Price lead the course, which started on the 13th May, with help from various club members who were on hand to support and encourage participants each week.
Steadily building up their stamina, distance and confidence in a safe manner helped them achieve their goal which we were delighted to see.

I caught up with Sandra after the run who told me:
“I have always wanted to be able to run/jog and have tried on a few occasions without success, this is why I would highly recommend the 9 week C25K course with the Pershore Plum Plodders. With the support and encouragement that they gave me, it made it possible and if I can do it, anyone can.
My first Parkrun I really enjoyed. I won’t deny, it was hard, but Sally and Elinor’s support and encouragement got me round. I am now looking forward to the next Parkrun to try and improve my time ! ”

C25K finishers medal were awarded to both ladies upon completing our course.

Brilliant achievement from both ladies and many congratulations. We will look forward to seeing you join in with our usual Plod nights.

If you, or anyone you know of, are thinking about taking up running, maybe you’re getting back into it after time away or you are just looking for a friendly club to join, then why not come along to one of our Monday night sessions where someone will be on hand to start you off on your running journey with us ? Click here to find out more.

New Male 5K Plum record – 17.43

Above: Phil Deeley coming into the finish at this years Asics Manchester Marathon.

Compared to lot of runners, Phil hasn’t been running that long but how far he has come in such a short amount of time really deserves some respect.
Phil completed first Parkrun at Worcester Woods on 20th September 2014 in a time of 32.25.
He went on to say “The first thing i did when i finished was to roll a fag” ! – Little did he know it but this was to be the start of a total lifestyle change for the better. 

Seeing his time dropping as the weeks went by he kicked the smoking habit and really concentrated on his running and is one of the most disciplined runners i know of. 

Phil, along with a big group of us Plums use Worcester Woods as our chosen “home” Parkrun venue where each week he completes the course between low 18-19 mins, depending on his training schedule. 

On the 1st June while visiting in Fulham he took part in the local Parkrun there which he describes as a flat and fast tarmac course. That morning he certainly took advantage of this and gave it a cracking effort to complete it in a new Plum male 5k record time of 17.43 !
That is an awesome time and we hugely congratulate him – thoroughly deserved by such a modest bloke who never shouts about his achievements. 
Seeing him go from strength to strength with the runs that he does is great to see and inspirational for others to watch so keep it up Phil.

Phil isn’t just a short distance runner though, he is an experienced 10k, half and full marathon runner and this year (along with other runs) he took part in the Asics Manchester Marathon on 4th April where he crossed the line in 2:56:35 which now enables him to apply for “good for age” position at London Marathon 2020 – Incredible achievement once again and good luck for you entry ! 


Virgin London Marathon 2019 – 28th April 2019

This year 12 Pershore Plum Plodders members took part in the Virgin London Marathon 2019.

The following Plums (as seen in the picture above from left to right) earnt their right to a place through different entry types as follows:

Steve Potter – Club ballot place

Ken Butler – Good for age place

Steve Leighfield – Charity place: Children with Cancer UK

Debbie Morris – Charity place: CLIC Sargent Young Lives VS Cancer

Ann Hewlett – Charity place: Kidney Care UK

Hazel Tolley – Charity place: PHAB Kids!

David Glover – Charity place: Teenage Cancer Trust

Mandy Neal – Good for age place and also chose to raise money for Worcestershire Breast Unit Haven

Karen Hinks – Good for age place

Julie Westcott – Good for age place

Andrea Holmes – Regular ballot place and chose to raise money for St Richards Hospice

Julie Herbert – Charity place: Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust

We, as a club, are very proud of our members who took part in this hugely popular event and I am pleased to report that they all finished safely. Between them, these Plums raised a phenomenal amount of money for good causes which they should all feel very proud of.

A large amount of our members also travelled down to London to offer some Plum support and to soak up the wonderful atmosphere of the whole day – Well done all !

Steve Potter was the lucky Plum whose name was picked out of the hat at our annual Plum Christmas party and here he gives us his take on his London Marathon journey:

“Turning into The Mall legs screaming, lungs screaming and crowds screaming, the Finish Line in sight, the last few strides of a journey that started with a FB message one Saturday night late last year.
Sitting around, blind drunk with my old racing buddies, reminiscing about events that happened over 30 years ago is hardly the best time to find out you have got a place in the biggest running event on the planet, but that is exactly how this tale of woe starts.
My phone bleeped and I noticed a text off Ann. Why was she messaging me at this time on a Saturday night? 
My first thought was ‘I will just ignore it until morning’, but you know how it is, you have to take a peek…….

Ann: ‘You have the London Marathon place!’
Me: ‘Are you having a laugh?’
Ann: ‘Nope get training!’

Training was great, I really enjoyed Trevor’s long Sunday runs. I got to know so many Plums who I don’t normally chat to, I ran up the nasty hill at Illmington for the first time in years, but the best part was doing the Forest of Dean half with Trev.  It was a beautiful day and the race went like a dream.
Four months passed in a blink of an eye and before I knew it I was on a train to London.
Friday slipped into Saturday and next thing I know, I am opening my eyes on Sunday morning, MARATHON DAY!

The VMLM is so well organized it would be hard to mess things up on race day, even if you tried.  It was a long wait to get going, but the time passed quickly in nervous excited chat with fellow runners.  Then our seemingly endless snake which was our group Z7 started to move towards the start, ‘here we go again!’ I thought.  How do I get myself into these situations? I don’t know, but I seem to have been doing it in one form or another since I was a lad.  As we turned the last corner and we got our first view of the start, the line picked up speed to a jog, then over the start mat and the race was on.  Absorbing all the energy from the cheering crowds to propel us down the opening straight, I can honestly say in all my years of racing I have never known anything like it.  I loved it, fed off the energy of the crowd and at times I certainly played up to it.

Ten miles flew by, and I could see we were heading back towards central London.  I knew the main Plum posse would be on Tower Bridge and I could not wait to see them, knowing they would give me a boost.  As much as the race was going smoothly and I wanted to savour every moment, I was well aware of the hurt that was fast approaching in the next few miles. I was long past my happy place but I kept my spirits up by feeding off the crowd, but nothing picks you up like an unexpected Plum voice ringing out from the crowd.
At 20 miles it would be easy to think, ‘I’ve got this –  it’s only 2 Parkruns to go!’, but as the legs stiffen and the pain dulls out, the cheering crowds and the miles seem longer and longer. It’s important to keep your composure and keep doing your thing.  At 1 Parkrun to go the miles seemed to be taking forever to tick off and it was way too soon to relax as I saw a heartbroken runner being taken off the course in a wheelchair, still plenty of time for things to go wrong.

I always thought that the last mile of a marathon would be one to savour, but I knew from experience that this is not always the case.  Then, with 600 metres to go, you know you are going to make it even if you have to crawl across the finish, but it is still way too far to start your final push for the line.  Into The Mall next and the last reserves of energy are drained in the rush for the line.  If only the pain of the run would leave your body immediately after crossing the line, but experience again told me that this is not the end of the torture – it is the beginning of the end of the punishment you have just paid good money to put yourself through.  It will take agonizing minutes for your body to start becoming human again.
I picked up my medal, and completely forget about getting a photo with it.  In fact the only interest I had in life was food and in no particular order I started stuffing my face with all the grub in the VMLM goodie bag!  At this point I heard Ann calling at me. I looked round but couldn’t speak, as it’s rude to talk with your mouth full, not that I could have got a word in edgeways, as she was bubbling. She certainly banged out a fantastic run and I am sure the VMLM exceeded all her expectations, I am made up for her and she certainly put the work into training.  I would also like to shout out to all the other Plums who ran that day especially the Plums who qualified with a good for age place – you rock guys!

The biggest thing I will take from this experience is all the good wishes and messages of support I received on the run up to the event, it certainly made carrying the responsibility of the Plum place a lot lighter.  I would also like to wish all the future winners of the place all the luck, support and fun. Ultimately it was a very satisfying marathon, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
I know it’s not much of an ending, but this is not the end.  When I took the Plum EA place, I made a promise to myself, and that was to run another marathon this year.  I want to be a marathon runner, not just someone who has run the London marathon.”
Steve Potter

Run Leaders

From left: Simon Gardner, Suzanne Price, Trevor Clark, Helen Carlisle, Stephen Morris.

Our run leaders are all qualified Leaders In Running Fitness (LIRF). The run leaders are there to lead different paced groups on a Plod night and to help keep you safe whilst running.
Although everyone in that group sticks together, be sure to listen to the running route and any instructions before and during the run as your safety is paramount to us.

Pershore Plum Plodders proud to donate to Parkrun

Saturday 20th April 2019

This Saturday at Worcester Woods Parkrun, the Pershore Plum Plodders were very happy and proud to sponsor £100 towards the £800 target for the “Scrubber appeal” including parts/service for the defibrillator machine. With a lot of our members using the woods each week, we felt that it was only right to offer them a donation and additionally, a lot of our members individually donated to help raise this much needed amount.

As of yesterday, £468 in sponsorship has been received but donations are still needed so if you use the park, and especially if you are a Parkrunner,  then please donate by using the following link and help by doing your bit.

 Link to Worcester Woods Parkrun Facebook page:

Link to donate:

New Mental Health Champions

We are pleased to announce that the club now has four mental health ambassadors who are committed to increasing the mental health support available to our members and promoting the benefits of running for good mental health.

The team (Sian Thomas, Stephen Morris, Helen Carlisle and Pete Dunderdale) are available for chats, hugs, pep talks and they can also point you in the direction of professional support if you need it. Read more here