New Male 5K Plum record – 17.43

Above: Phil Deeley coming into the finish at this years Asics Manchester Marathon.

Compared to lot of runners, Phil hasn’t been running that long but how far he has come in such a short amount of time really deserves some respect.
Phil completed first Parkrun at Worcester Woods on 20th September 2014 in a time of 32.25.
He went on to say “The first thing i did when i finished was to roll a fag” ! – Little did he know it but this was to be the start of a total lifestyle change for the better. 

Seeing his time dropping as the weeks went by he kicked the smoking habit and really concentrated on his running and is one of the most disciplined runners i know of. 

Phil, along with a big group of us Plums use Worcester Woods as our chosen “home” Parkrun venue where each week he completes the course between low 18-19 mins, depending on his training schedule. 

On the 1st June while visiting in Fulham he took part in the local Parkrun there which he describes as a flat and fast tarmac course. That morning he certainly took advantage of this and gave it a cracking effort to complete it in a new Plum male 5k record time of 17.43 !
That is an awesome time and we hugely congratulate him – thoroughly deserved by such a modest bloke who never shouts about his achievements. 
Seeing him go from strength to strength with the runs that he does is great to see and inspirational for others to watch so keep it up Phil.

Phil isn’t just a short distance runner though, he is an experienced 10k, half and full marathon runner and this year (along with other runs) he took part in the Asics Manchester Marathon on 4th April where he crossed the line in 2:56:35 which now enables him to apply for “good for age” position at London Marathon 2020 – Incredible achievement once again and good luck for you entry ! 


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