Charles Darwin Day 2018

Delightful account from fellow Plum Plodder Andrea Holmes on her experience at a recent 2018 event. I think we all have our thoughts on lap based runs, some good some not so good but you have to agree the medal looks certainly worth it.


Race: Charles Darwin Day, Part of “How hard can it be events”

Held in February Shrewsbury Sports Village, Sundorne Road, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY1 4RA

Course is chip timed on a purpose built cycle track and is limited to 150 runners that can choose to run 10K, Half or a full marathon.



Next event is February 9th 2019


An early start saw three plum ladies heading north to Shrewsbury to take part in The Charles Darwin Day Half and Marathon. Once there we were joined by Andy Coward and the snow! (No connection to weather based anomalies and Andy Coward have been confirmed during the editing of this report)

Registration took place outside by the track before we all hurried back inside to grab some warmth for a few more minutes it was a chilly winter day in February.

Race briefing over and we were off, running laps of a banana shaped circuit! We were told to keep an eye on the track and to run the shortest side at all times otherwise it was possible to run more miles than you needed to! It really was a tale of two halves.

As you turned at one end of the circuit the track followed a very gentle downward route to cross the timing line and continue into the next lap whereas the other end turned into a bitterly cold wind and a gentle but continuous incline – (now when we say “incline” it is in the loosest sense of the word as it probably wouldn’t have even qualified as a slight slope!!) It wasn’t noticeable at first but with every lap it felt a little more like an ascent!

The snow turned to sleet, then to rain before the sky turned blue and the sun broke through.

Everyone’s spirits lifted and laps were ticked off. Jackie and myself kept each other company for a while before having a little swap, with Andy joining myself and then moving on to join Jackie.

Running also was Plum colleague; Lynsey Hall. Lynsey politely turned down company while running, as she was in “her zone”. So, we loudly chanted “Cup of tea, Prosecco, hot tub” as we crossed paths treats we knew Lynsey was looking forward to later!

The winter sun was not to last and as quickly as it had arrived it disappeared to be replaced with the most piercing and painful hailstones. It was now a case of now just finishing!! Never have I dedicated laps to so many people just to keep going.

Fellow Plum Sue Woods you were one of them!!

On my last lap I ran alongside a lady doing her first Half. As we ran up the “incline” she commented about how much it felt like running uphill and it shouldn’t have done because she came from Cumbria where there were real hills, If nothing else it make me feel better.

Unfortunately, the weather hadn’t finished with us yet and Lynsey and Andy had to contend with a horrendous downpour as they continued their laps.

Crossing the line and receiving the Darwin medal made it all worthwhile but would we enter a lap style Half/Marathon again…………………think the jury may still be out on that one!!


Andrea Holmes

Pershore Plum Plodder

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